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  • Over $8.4 trillion in assets are held in 110 million 401(k) employee retirement plans across the United States.

  • The vast majority of the Americans who rely on ERISA plans to save for retirement do not even have the option of investing with companies best oriented toward a climate-safe future.

  • While the majority of retail investors want to be Paris-aligned, fewer than 3 percent of defined contribution plans offer a climate-friendly investment option.

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  • Roughly, the average carbon intensity by laggard U.S. banks is 126 ktCO2e/$billion (so for each $1 billion deployed, these banks generate emissions comparable to about 30,000 internal combustion engine cars running for a year).

  • In February 2022, 13 of the world’s largest non-financial companies cumulatively held cash and investments that exceeded $1 trillion - these corporations’ cash and investments generate emissions at a huge scale.

  • The cash holdings of U.S. companies, including Alphabet/Google, Facebook/Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce, are their largest source of emissions; increasing total emissions by 91% - 112%, when compared to most recently reported emissions.



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1. Assess and disclose the climate impact of corporate cash deposits and retirement funds within a period of three years.

2. Decarbonize bank accounts and employee retirement plans, starting with a group of leading U.S. companies.

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Business Climate Finance-06.png